Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Brizy WordPress Page Builder
Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Brizy WordPress Page Builder

Make space for a better WordPress page-building experience.

WordPress page builders allow users to create complex websites with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. Now, while these tools can be useful for beginners or small business owners, there are some disadvantages to consider. 

For example, some page builders can be cumbersome and slow, leading to slower load times for your website. This doesn’t bode well with the challenges of web performance and satisfying best practices. Which may be part of the reason why WordPress page-builder software owners are now bundling the offer of  ‘tailored’ website hosting services with their software.

This can lead to concern from existing page-builder users, as it may signal and highlight inherent issues with the way in which most WordPress page-builders work and handle code. 

In fact, here are some of the reasons why page-builders may have a negative affect on your site’s performance: 

1. Overreliance on Shortcodes: Many page-builders use shortcodes extensively to create complex layouts. While shortcodes offer flexibility, they can clutter the content and make it harder to manage or migrate to a different platform. Improperly managed shortcodes can cause issues if the page-builder is disabled or removed.

2. Inline Styling: Page-builders sometimes use inline CSS styles to control the appearance of elements, which can lead to a lack of consistency and bloated code. This can make it challenging for developers to maintain or customize the design in a streamlined manner.

3. Heavy Dependency on JavaScript: Some page-builders heavily rely on JavaScript libraries to enhance functionality, which can slow down page loading times and cause conflicts with other scripts. Overuse of JavaScript can also affect the performance and responsiveness of the website.

4. Accessibility Concerns: Page-builders may not always prioritize accessibility standards, leading to issues with screen readers, keyboard navigation, and other assistive technologies. This can result in websites that are not inclusive or compliant with accessibility guidelines.

5. Integration with Third-Party Plugins: Compatibility issues can arise when page-builders interact with other plugins, especially if they are not well-coded or regularly updated. This can lead to conflicts, security vulnerabilities, or unexpected behavior on the website.

6. Code Bloated with Unnecessary Markup: Page-builders sometimes generate excessive HTML markup to achieve certain layouts or functionalities, which can impact the website’s performance and SEO. Bloated code can make it harder to maintain, troubleshoot, or improve the website over time.

Do you even need a page-builder?

So, you might now be questioning the whole point of using a page-builder in the first place. Especially as you have clever WordPress themes such as Kadence or even the native WordPress Gutenberg, that are least likely to compromise performance over your page’s composition, features, and resources.

WordPress themes are pre-designed templates that you can use to give your website a specific look and feel. WordPress themes are generated using various programming languages, but the Gutenberg project is the official plugin developed by WordPress to provide an intuitive WordPress editor for creating richer and more interactive content using an easy-to-use block system, allowing even non-technical users to create professional-looking websites.  

But Brizy page builder is so simple

I was impressed with the Brizy approach to WordPress page-building. And now, that observation has materialized into a modern page builder that might prompt you to reconsider your current WordPress page-building workflow tools.

You see, while Brizy is highly customizable and boasts typical features such as drag-and-drop editing, real-time live preview, and responsive design, all of which make it comparable with other popular WordPress page-builders.

However, in an industry that evolves rapidly with new technologies, strategies, and other changes impacting website development and management—such as site performance, SEO, and reliability—it’s worth noting that these factors have steadily become the Achilles’ heel of the current most popular WordPress page builders.

Now, compared to its counterparts, Brizy is a newer and more contemporary WordPress page builder. With convenient access to essential tools, Brizy offers a streamlined and intuitive interface that prioritizes performance and speed. Additionally, it includes a plethora of advanced functionalities and plugins out-of-the-box, facilitating the creation of complex websites.

Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Brizy WordPress Page Builder

Using Brizy page builder templates

recently used Brizy to build a simple storefront with a customizable template. The experience was a breeze, and it presented me with a sleek and minimal interface, which suggested that this was a to-the-point page builder, and will probably be a hit with users that are new to the whole WordPres page-building experience. 

In some way, it felt like the interface steers you away from producing overcomplicated page layouts. Which is a good thing considering the importance of site performance and SEO best practices.

Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Brizy WordPress Page Builder

Page building from scratch

Although, with confidence, I can say that you can find a Brizy template for any practical layout ideas you may have. Of course, there is often an extra need for ground-up customization. Which you can easily achieve using the “Create your own” option.

You will most definitely, however, need to upgrade to Brizy Pro in order to access key features such as menu, search, login, switcher, timeline, and a number of others.

Brizy, ready-made websites

Let’s face it, and as expressed while on the topic of building from scratch, there are only so many ways you can build a website that not only has aesthetic considerations but also the robustness required for the varying formats and user experiences it has to satisfy.

This is where Brizy steps in with its ready-made websites. From the Brizy plugin dashboard options, select Starter Templates in the main sidebar. And access over 150 ready-made websites & landing pages.

Each template is carefully crafted by professional designers, allowing you to quickly generate a new website complete with fully customizable pages.