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CreatorU is an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to sell anything online. It focuses on helping creators increase sales and maximize conversions. Let’s take a look at how it works

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Creator U

What is Creator U?

Created by Brian Moran, CreatorU is an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to sell anything online. It aims to help creators increase sales and maximize conversions.

It offers a range of tools, including the Creator AI Tool, which can be used for market research, writing sales copy, and creating ebooks and video scripts.

With specific course recommendations and dynamically updated lessons, the platform provides a custom learning guide made just for you. Additionally, as an exclusive CreatorU member, you will have access to all the related training created and those to come.

How Does It Work?

Between the 2 available plans, a) CreatorU and b) Creator U Plus, members have access to useful tools focused on creating and monitoring content optimized for conversions.

The tools that stand out most at first glance are the Creator AI Assistant™ and the Creator Dashboard. However, with further exploration you’ll also find the

Creator AI Assistant™ and Dashboard

This tool will allow you to write converting sales copy, write ebooks and video scripts, find ideas for products your customers actually need and overall, allow you to perform valuable market research.

Meanwhile the Creator Dashboard will allow you to monitor your followers in real-time.

CreatorU adds a new dimension to the idea of “learning and earning. By setting an actual real-life challenge that you have, allow CreatorU to provide an instant shortcut that shows you exactly what to do while AI customizes your personal plan.

Is CreatorU an online course?

Yes, however unlike other courses you pick a challenge that relates to your current goals and therefore required to perform tasks that actually helps your business…

Can I generate income using CreatorU?

Yes, inevitably most of the website content you will create can be monetized. Get creative with social media posts and ads too.

How much does CreatorU cost?

At the time of writing you can by CreatorU for *$24/ mo

*please not that offers are subject to availability

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