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Bringing ideas to life is the challenge creators face on almost every project. At Software Folder not only do we inspire creators with tips and creative resource. We inspire by example…

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AI-Assistive Tools

Our Online Store Ideas

Image Style and Promotional Assets.

The cropped windbreaker hoodie embellished with our Halo Butterfly Script design, is an example of one of our creations for our online store the at 

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AI Background Removal
Creators@ SoftwareFolder|Ideas to Life:

You can learn more about our store by using the button below. Also, if you have a special request or interested in our special bount-e-box bundles don’t be shy to message us 24/7 on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or via our website.

Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Ideas to Life:
Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Ideas to Life:
Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Ideas to Life:

What is Studio Light?

Introducing Luminar Neo’s Generative AI Assitive Tools

Studio Light is a relatively new AI Assistive tool that is due to be released with champion image editing app Luminar Neo; That’s what we use for our image editing.

In fact, we were fortunate to be offered the chance to play around with an earlier Beta version of Studio Light. And wow!

Studio Light, along with Luminar Neo and all the other tools, proved to be a more than satisfying experience. (see our “shop shots” above)


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