The Power of Live Follow-Up Calls

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A Sense of Authenticity

Depending on the nature of the business and the type of online transaction, communicating with, or having direct access to a real person provides the typical online consumer with a sense of authenticity and greater confidence.

Whilst many online transactions can seamlessly take place from within the realms of automation between digital interfaces, the human voice remains an invaluable asset.

The sound of a human voice, for example, is a direct and intuitive form of communication and can trigger a number of cues that either help gain or reduce trust or confidence.

When a potential customer receives a live follow-up call from your business, they’re more likely to feel valued and understood, hence strengthening their trust in your brand. However, the new problem today is, how do you tell whether you are listening to a real person?

The Human Voice - A Catalyst for Trust

Unfortunately, the idea of trusting a human voice has been somewhat thwarted by the increasing adoption of AI technology and the use of voice simulation.

The thought of this may well seem disturbing for those of us that rely on audio and the human voice. And especially within the music industry where a lot of controversy has arisen from the concept of AI generated music.

Indeed, personalization lies at the heart of effective marketing and sales strategies. While automated emails and chatbots can provide a level of personalization, nothing compares to a genuine conversation with a live representative.

A follow-up call allows you to address the customer by their name, understand their specific needs, and provide tailored solutions. This personalized approach not only enhances their confidence but also positions your brand as one that truly cares about individual preferences.

Harnessing Technology for Seamless Integration

Integrating live follow-up calls into your online business strategy has never been easier. Utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software to track interactions, gather insights, and ensure a seamless communication flow. Leverage call analytics to identify trends, refine your approach, and continuously improve your follow-up call strategy.


Convolo provides the tools to implement an automated lead closing strategy that uses human touch.


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