What is the difference between vector and raster artwork?

Unlike raster artwork, which provides a more natural environment for digital painting, vector artwork is produced with what is known as bezier curves.

The advantage of using vector artwork is that the origination file can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality. This is perfect for printing, for logo design, illustration and typography.

The images above shows both a photo (raster file) and an Illustration that originates  from a vector drawing, however saved as a PNG with transparent background.

To elaborate, a close-up view of a raster image on screen would appear pixelated, whereas a vector image will remain appearing smooth.

Pixelated Raster Image
Smooth Vector Image

Before the iPad and apple pen era, the only disadvantage with creating vector artwork was that it was extra difficult to produce artwork in the same naturally flowing way that you would paint with raster images, which emulates natural painting but in a digital environment.

affinity designer logo blue

“ Because of its easy to grapple way of working, Affinity Designer is also inspiring. And will get you back into that mode of producing vector illustrations in no time. Especially if, of course, you are already familiar with using Adobe Illustrator…”

Vector Art.


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