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Bookwise Writers Toolkit

How to Promote
Your Book

Your next book will be “Remarkable.”
So show it off like a Pro with this
‘author-centric’ WordPress Theme 
and more (watch video), or…

Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Bookwise | Writers Toolkit 1
Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Bookwise | Writers Toolkit 1

The Author-Centric WordPress Theme

Make your next book “remarkable,” we’ve already laid out the content for you…

Creators@ SoftwareFolder | Bookwise | Writers Toolkit 1

Who is Bookwise for?

Bookwise is the perfect investment, treat of gift for anyone involved with writing, publishing and promoting books.

It has been built with the nuance of the writers world in mind. And if you have ever published, or have been involved with publishing a book, you too will know that the journey through the process is never always exactly the same.
However, where it comes to promoting your book, the popular stores such as Apple, and Amazon usually tend to be of significant interest to authors, forgetting to secure their own audience.
I know, most writers like to write, and not get bogged down with other distractions. Which why you should get Bookwise (pardon the pun).

Showcasing your book and marketing your brand.

Anyway, with Bookwise, you can create a website specifically for self-published and independent authors, all whilst creating a community of engaged readers who have actively shown interest in your work.

With a variety of writer and author-focused features, readily create a classic and professional feel with Smart Color Technology, stylish fonts and other complimentary features.

And of course, because Bookwise is built for Thrive Theme Builder, you can always customize each and every design to your heart’s content.

What else do I need?

Bookwise is a Thrive Suite tool, that works alongside Thrive Theme Builder. However, you may also like to know about other tools you can safely use with Bookwise.
For example, you may need to be able to receive online payments, or maybe add automation to some of the activity that occurs on your website. You can do all this using tools available with Thrive Suite.

How to Get Bookwise?

Get “Bookwise” and everything you need where it comes to showcasing and promoting your books.
Start with easy to use web page builder that even the most novice to website creation can get their head around. And yes, you know it. We have another noteworthy solution for creators. This time, specifically for authors. To get “Bookwise” today and see exactly how this addition to the suite of software provided by ThriveThemes has all the desirable book and author related page components to customise to your hearts content.

Okay, enough of the puns and let’s take a look at the serious design layouts you can build with this conveniently helpful companion for the Thrive Theme Builder.

You can get instant access to try Thrive Theme Builder and Bookwise when you sign up for a 14-day free trial of the Thrive Suite marketing toolkit – that also comes with access to several powerful no-code software tools like the ones below:

Thrive Suite

Bookwise Writers Toolkit

The Author-centric WordPress ‘Kit’


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