“Expect to spend something in the region of $500-$2000 USD for Self-Publishing...”

In short, you can actually self-publish a book for free. However, you may still incur cost for related services such as a book cover design and an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Ultimately, how much you spend is dependant on a number of factors concerning your specific needs, such as which services and tools you use, and the compromises you may need to make.

How do I Self-Publish a Book?

There are two basic routes you can take when publishing a book;

a) Self-Publish, or, 
b) Hire a Publisher.

Both methods require some work and the process may differ from one book project to another. 

However, as you would expect going the traditional route of hiring a publisher will normally cost you more than the increasingly ubiquitous self-publishing route.


How do I Self-Publish a Book for Free?

The good news for independent writers is that through services such as KDP, that is,  Kindle Direct Publishing, you can conveniently Self-Publish ebooks for free by following a guided process. 

Now, if you want to produce printed books at an affordable fee, you may want to try CreateSpace, which as well as Kindle Direct Publishing are both services provided by Amazon.

For a list of similar or related services visit our members subscription page here

How to Build an Indie-Author Site

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So, how much does it cost to design a book cover?

Who says you cannot tell a good book by its cover?

I know, it’s a similar question to the one we started with. However, with a little more insight we can answer from a slightly different and more informed perspective

As you now know, completing the process of publishing a book is within reach. However, actually getting started may still be a little daunting for new Authors.

A good way to gain confidence and find inspiration is through engaging with communities and other individuals.

How to Build an Indie-Author Site

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What else will I need to prepare before actually publishing my book?

“You’ll need an ISBN and a few other items before you publish...”

Although some services may still provide a free (International Standard Book Number) ISBN barcode with their plans, you may find buying your own to be a better deal in the long-run.

You can purchase bundled packs for example, of say 10 codes at a time for £169 in the UK, or as much as £91 for a single ISBN.

As you may have already gathered, self-publishing involves a number of peripheral actions that will incur different amounts to your overall expenditure.

Choosing your ISBN provider should not be difficult. Once you have purchased a number, you  can hand it over to your designer to place as a barcode on that fantastic book cover artwork you are having designed. Which might cost you anything between $250USD – $1000USD or more. 


Assuming that you have gone through the process of proofing and editing your completed manuscript...

To help you lay things out more clearly with your venture into the world of self-publishing, the following is a checklist of recommended items and actions that you may to take towards making your book available to the general public.

  1. Create an account with Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. Create an Account with CreateSpace
  3. Purchase an International Standard Book No.
  4. Hire a designer for your book cover artwork
  5. Build a website to promote your book

How to Build an Indie-Author Site

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